Colour Theory – Part One

When creating make up looks it is beneficial to enhance a persons features by using the correct colours suitable for their features. This can be done by looking at the colour of either their hair, eyes, skin tones.

For example, if a person has blue eyes they could use an orange on their lips. Orange is complementary of blue which means both colours work well together. This will then help the blue stand out more.

Colour theory also works on pigmentation, normally if a person has darker areas under the eyes there can be purple or blue undertones seen in the skin in the specific area. This is not often what you would see on the entire face, rose and golden undertones are more likely to be present.

To reduce darkness under the eye a colour with more of an orange undertone should be added. This will counter act the darkness and and aims to bring the skin colour under the eye back up to the natural face colour. Previous experience has found cream products work easier as these can be blended into the foundation and tend to add more coverage. However this is not always the case and different mediums should be practiced with to suit a specific skin tone and texture.

When looking into colour theory more research needs to be looked at in terms of skin colouring and how to manipulate the colours of the face to enhance or hide any pigmentation. This can be done by creating make up looks on all different skin types and tones and aiming to colour theory through out.


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First Creative Make up

In college there was a various number of photo shoots taking place. The make up was to be carried out specific to the styling done by the hair dresser.  The make up created was on the spot and therefore no practice before hand.

This became daunting as although continuous practicing ensured skills such as blending and timing was improved creating a look that was more extravagant was a challenge. And the pressure was on to create a well executed look for the shoot.

The look that was needed was a fantasy creative make up, the colour scheme was greens and purples to reflect the the peacock feathers in the hair. The original idea was to make the eyes dramatic, however colour was taken down underneath the eye and when looking back it is clear this is not symmetrical and puts the face off balance.

Fantasy Creative Make up

Fantasy Creative Make up

The model was also required to wear extremely long eye lashes and these not only take away from the eye make up but also enhance the fact there is no depth in the colour. This could be done by creating more of a darker crease and by adding more depth around the lash line with a blended out black or brown. The lashes appear to be low on the eyes and when applying these this should be done by pushing the lash upwards to they flick up.

The lashes give a flutter on the outer corner and to enhance this the eyes would look better if they were extended outwards also instead of down. If the make up look was created again the majority of the shadow under the eye would be removed.

The Skin looks flawless, and the foundation colour is a good match, more contouring and highlighting could be added to give more life in the face, and this would then show up on the photo shoot more. This could be done using cream or powder products but needs to be tested and practiced on.

The lips on the make up are done using an ombre effect, this could be blended together better and research into different products needed would hopefully give a better overall finish.

Improvement is needed  in looking at the make up as a whole and therefore balance on the face. The look created is not in proportion and the eye does not know where to look. This can be done by using the colour chart to help with complimentary colours to use and what colours are best to use on different types of skin tone. This neeeds more practice and further research.

Creating the look on the spot was the most difficult part of the day. This could be improved by carrying out various shoots where the make up brief was given there an then. This can be done by creating more contacts and then getting more opportunities to carry this out.

World of Make up

Starting out as a make up artist, with limited experience was a daunting experience.  In the first few classes in college the information felt so vast and originally felt an unrealistic idea to continue a part in a career. However passion was continuous though out and the drive and ambition to do well remains the same today as it did back then. Looking back now the first assignment felt so novice and the skills were so difficult to execute.

Both hair and make up was to be created in a contemporary style, the first obstacle was to find a model. Living away from home this became more of a difficult task than initially thought. However by utilizing the skills I could offer in the future with regards to make up made it easier.

The make up created was simple, however the preciseness of the eyeliner and to create a blended symmetrical look was a challenge. Finding that the eyebrows was a strength ensured this to continue to be strong thought out other work later created. The lips on the model were messy and this provided areas of improvement.

First Contemporary Assignment

First Contemporary Assignment

From this assignment it was apparent the key aim in creating any make up  was to continue to keep the passion and love for the art which would ensure drive and motivation, even when the final image is not as good as first expected. 

Through out the journey of make up and expanding into hair, nails, spray tans and any other area passion has always been part of each assignment, job or practice that has been undertaken.

East Midlands Business Awards 2011

East Midlands Business Awards

East Midlands Business Awards

When starting out as an artist there were many areas of my skills that needed improvement. One of the first fashion shows that was completed was the East Midlands Business Awards, initially this was over whelming. The amount of modes and the short amount of time that was given to complete this seemed impossible. However, working as a team it became more achievable and required determination and motivation. Creating the hair and make up also required speed.

The hair was completed first and this was done with more ease, this was due to the previous experience working at Toni and Guy, this was a strength and showed as the styles were created quickly and executed to a good standard. When looking back this could have done with some improvement, the hair could have looked smoother.

When creating the make up, the first one required a strong brow that needed to be symmetrical. This needed improvement, and this could be changed by using different brushes or technique of applying the brow step by step creating both at the same time.

The second make up required more blending skills and again symmetry. Although over all the blending looks smooth when taking a closer look the black and blue transition is quite strong and could be created a lot softer. This could be done by using a powder product instead of a cream. And instead of using a white powder to blend out the edges, using the natural skin initially and then softly applying the white.

The symmetry also needs improvement, the lines on the eyes are not straight and this is visible on the photo, again this could be achieved by creating both the lines initially and at the same time to then go on to continue with the full eye make up.

Over all the experience was beneficial. It gave me the chance to work along side other creative industries and work at a pace that was expected in the industry. It also highlighted some improvements that were needed from my own artist ability, these included symmetry and also time keeping. The make up needed to be better executed and quickly to keep up with the fast pace of the show. I felt confident working with the hair and this is a strength of mine which  can be built on to achieve a better hair style.


East Midlands Business Awards

East Midlands Business Awards