Creating an Up-do

When creating the hair on the East Midlands business awards, it was clear practice was needed to improve neatness and also timing.

Here I have created an up do which is more complicated. The sections could have done with being more even and this would have made the style more balanced.

More clips needed to be used and anchored into the head more to keep the style more secure along with spraying each piece to make it look neater.

Overall the hair style looks effective but it could have been neater and more balanced. This therefore needs to be improved on.

Hair styling.

Hair styling.


Creating dramatic eyes.

When creating dramatic eyes, this is done to the clients choice. Here I created a structure winged out eye. A lot of products were used to create this which could have of been reduced and the make up would have therefore taken less time.

In this make up symmetry was executed a lot better than the last time, although this needs more practice when looking at both eyes the darker contouring is similar shape and the blending is softer.

The winged out eye elongates the eye and the softer brown tones compliments the eye colour.

The cut crease is strong, however the shape needs adjusting slightly and this could be cleaned up with make up remover.

Overall the make up created is better than previous however, time management still needs improvement and also cleaning up the make up and making the crease more dramatic using different products. My aim is to execute a similar make up using less products.


Going out Make up. 2012

Going out Make up. 2012

Creating Tutorial for Hommasque

When carrying out market research, I found out that men would be happy to buy the products online if they felt like they could apply these being shown on tutorials. I have created the tutorial, as I found that 70% of men would again rather have their make up done by women.

When creating the video, this was a new skill for myself, and to edit it initially I found challenging. However once I had used the ‘spice’ soft wear a couple of times I now feel confident using it and can therefore use videos on the Hommasque website to promote certain products and do in depth tips and techniques for apply these. To target the 30% of men who would prefer make up to be carried out by men, I will collaborate with make up artist Michael Allen to carry this out for the brand.

Testing Male Make up

20140424-202130.jpgWhen creating a male make up brand for my main project, I wanted to test out the products on clients.

Here I have created a natural flawless skin on a male, this was done using a natural concealer, and a small amount of product. This was set with some powder.

The client was really happy with the make up created, this lasted all night. I found that this was easy for me to create and felt like creating male grooming was one of my strengths.

This will make it easier when creating the male make up brand as testing the products gives more idea as what can be created in the brand.

Packaging for Hommasque



From Market Research it allowed me to get feedback from what people wanted the products to be packaged like, these were black, gold, blue and red colours. Here I have looked in MAC Cosmetics packaging. This is expensive looking but also discrete.

I will explore into having this for the Hommasque range.


Hommasque Photo Shoot


When carrying out the photo shoot, this was done in a small amount of time and so working quickly was essential. When the models make up was completed the styling was adjusted for the shoot, changing the back drops and the camera angle or lighting for the particular model.

Working closely with the photographer it was easier to get this done and I found on the day I was good at directing the whole shoot, when carrying out the project I found that this was one of my strengths and would continue to develop this.


I feel there could have been more time overall or the shoot could have been carried out over two days, however this was more realistic to what a shoot would be like in the industry. Often there is limited time, and therefore we made the best we could.

Over all the models worked really well and the photographer edited the photos to a high standard which gave a great end result. 20140424-172915.jpg


Naming the Male Make up Brand

As a make up artist working in MAC Cosmetics Leicester, I often found myself talking to men who were visiting with women and they were asking about their skin, and then when I would suggest trying a certain product on they felt embarrassed as the counter was surrounded by women. This therefore indicated a gap in the market for solely male make up brands. Looking into the market, there was a number of cosmetics that men could use, yet all the products that were offered such as Dior, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford, also expanded out into female ranges.

When naming the brand I wanted to make this specifically to men and therefore this came from the French words ‘ Homme’ meaning male and ‘masque’ meaning mask. Overall I intertwined these two words to give ‘Hommasque.’

Market research was carried out on the name and the feedback was positive, people stated the brand was cool and catchy.

What do you think of the brand name? Feel free to comment Bellow.

Inspiration for Male Make up Shoot

When creating the male make up brand the aim is to produce images of all different types of men to attract a wider audience.

I have chosen images that are close up onto the face and will emphasis the make up.





20140424-171031.jpgI think the images are all diverse and will attract a larger audience on men and appeal to different ages and races. I will work closely with the photographer and models to try and achieve a similar look in the photo shoot.


Eye make up – Fantasy of Flowers



Here I have created a vibrant eye using a green fluid line all over the lid, and added a darker eye shadow in the crease. This is to add more depth to the eye and make it stand out more.

When looking at the make up overall I feel the lashed could have been enhanced using false lashes and the eyes could have been blended on the crease more.

From this I will continue to practice my skills on myself or clients and this will help me when carrying out future make up work.



Theme day at Mac Cosmetics – Fantasy of Flowers.






First of all I want to say I am reviewing the MAC Cosmetics ‘A Fantasy of Flowers’ products as a freelance artist and how I feel they work when I apply these on my own clients, not as a MAC Make up artist.

However working as an artist on counter gives me more opportunity to work and play with the products, and develop my skills in different colours and textures.


20140424-144946.jpg   I love the colours pink and green but as an artist find I tend to stay away from especially pinks. However this collection taught me to think outside the box and this enabled me to pair the products with pigments to get a really nice sharp look.

I found the fluid lines in both the purple and green to look amazing blended all over the eyes and experimented with different brushes when applying these products.

The collection helped me widen my artistry skills of experimenting with different colours. This will then help me further my skills in the future as I will be more inclined to try different products on my clients and introducing them to new trends and how to wear different products.