Changing Role Models

Arnold Swschwarzenegger

Arnold Swschwarzenegger



Marcus Buckingham states in 2009 ‘to know a culture look to its icons’. When looking into entertainment heroes over the last 60 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brad Pitt were seen in the limelight. Both iconic stars played roles in films such as Fight Club and Terminator. In this we see very masculine roles, with violence and the use of strength and power to be the hero in the film. Although both actors will have undergone hair and makeup styling before shooting, there is no sign of guy liner and muscle and sweat is used for embellishment.






However, when looking at what stars are in the limelight for nowadays, it is apparent that people such as Justin Bebier, Robert Pattinson, and Zac Effron are taking over the cinema screens. Is it clear that all three young men are well groomed and have a similar look about them. This look being longer hair, a slim frame, flawless skin, and a well-executed dress sense combined of skinny jeans and tight fitting tops. The films we see are High School Musical (2008), Twilight (2008) and Believe (2013). There is considerably less concentration on factors such as fighting and strength. Now the stars are expected to sing and dance and there is a more emotional connection from the characters to females. For example Pattinson plays a vampire in Twilight (2010). The oxford dictionary defines this as a corpse which leaves its grave at night to suck the blood out of humans with sharp teeth. However, this is not the case in the love story plot. Pattinson falls in love with a human girl and as this is not the norm for such a character, we see throughout the film how he controls his desire to be with the one he loves. Pattinson’s character Edward is portrayed as being more beautiful than human, even his skin sparkles in the sunlight. The audience follows the unconventional love story and we never see teeth only emotions from both characters. The only strength we see is supernatural powers in the name of love.





Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber

Robert Patterson

Robert Patterson

The younger and some of the older generation will aspire to this role model that is now being promoting in magazines, television screens and on the red carpet. When looking into history it can be seen that society follows the trends seen on icons of that day or era – for example the punk era when youngsters aspired to represent bands like Madness, The Who and The Sex Pistols.


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