Yorkie Advertisement.

Nestlé’s Yorkie bar was re-introduced on April 1st 2001. The advert was produced by J Walter Thompson. Yorkie website argues the campaign with the tag line ‘it’s not for girls’ was created as ‘in today’s society, there aren’t many things that a man can look at and say that’s for him.’ With the increase in sales in Yorkie and the marketing communication expressing “the media are constantly reminding us of the increasing success of women” could it be argued that through the constant praise of success given to women we as a society are emasculating men? This advert would suggest that men are possibly feeling this way.

The advert states ‘Man fuel for man stuff’ yet portrays men carrying out simple everyday tasks but acting like a superhero. Is it that men feel unappreciated by society, particularly women and that they are now expected to do tasks that women have in the past been performed on a daily basis or could it just be a change in  the way society now stereotypes and views men, in this once female role?



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